What to Do If an Airline Loses Your Luggage


1. If your bag doesn’t show up at the baggage claim let the airline know it is missing ASAP.

2. It may be helpful to have some pictures of luggage on your phone to show airport staff. 

Be sure to know a bag’s brand, size, and color before takeoff. Airlines will use this information to track your missing luggage.

3. Stay in constant contact with their airline until they are reunited with your suitcase.

4. Make sure to enquire about airline policy for lost luggage as they may be entitled to compensation.

 In instances where a bag is lost for more than 24 hours, airlines may be required to compensate travelers with a clothing allowance.

5. Make sure every piece of your luggage has an identification tag with your name and contact information.

After handing over a bag to the airline counter, ensure that your luggage sticker has both their correct name and final destination.

Travelers who are particularly anxious about losing luggage can opt to buy a GPS tracker to stick inside any suitcase that can track itself through the airport via an app. A sticker stuck on the back of a boarding pass) as that little barcode could also be vital in confirming a bag’s identity.

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