Few years back, My friends and I hanged out at the Jockey pub at Hilton Hotel Nairobi for happy hours on Friday and Saturday nights. We shared many good times here with my friends, The spot became our weekend escape. The place has a jockey theme, a British-style pub embellished with dollars, paintings of horses and jockeys. Hilton is more than a hotel. Cylindrical shaped and towering well above its Neighbors, it is a reference point for people seeking to give directions, or planning to meet. The five-star hotel began its operations on Dec 7 1969, it boasts 287 rooms. Out of these, 45 are twin rooms, 185 are doubles, 22 are pool rooms, 27 are executive rooms and 7 offer suites services. Jockey pub is a place to socialize. Nostalgic and exciting It was like a slice of paradise. We had such a great time, bought Pina Colada, enjoyed spicy food and snacks plus entertainment provided all evening by the in-house DJ. The iconic hotel Hilton hotel will close its doors on December 31, 2022, even though the building remains.

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