Elvis’ Daughter Blew $100 Million Fortune


Lisa Marie Presley claims her ex-money manager lost $100 million trust fund left to her by Elvis with ‘reckless and negligent’ investments while paying himself a salary of $700,000

Presley (pictured as a baby with Elvis) was only nine when her famous father died at 42 in 1977

According to sources Lisa married four times, including bizarro marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. And she probably threw a lot of money down the toilet on her failed singing career. If she’d been smart, she’d have dedicated her career to the money-making licensing and trademarking opportunities of Elvis’ estate instead of selling it off, and that’s it.

Lisa Marie

Lisa is accusing Siegel and his firm of running the $100 million trust fund her father set up for her ‘into the ground’ to just $14,000 

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