How we met, a chance encounter can change your life forever.
She called and texted me first. It was a romantic evening for us, being silly, lying in bed and cuddling. Other times we would listen to Rides Mix tapes, Bhangra music and watch Bollywood movies together.


She was from India but raised in Westlands, Nairobi.
Westlands, Nairobi is an affluent neighborhood and administrative division in the city of Nairobi.The area has been nicknamed Westie by the youth of Nairobi. It is nowadays typically inhabited by a significant number of the city’s expat population.

We connected at a going away party for my high-school friend.
I was drawn to her right away, she was beautiful and authentic self. I approached her and asked, can I get your number girl?
It’s amazing how she knock me off my feet. I looked past everything else to see the good in her.

Traveling was a big part of our lives. We visited Mombasa as well as Kisumu and Nakuru.
Her name was Aesha: meaning wish. She spoke perfect Swahili and Hindi. Aesha loved Mombasa because it was easy to get authentic hot spicy Indian cuisine.Her favorite dish was Rice, Biryani, Makhani(Butter Chicken) ,Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Rogan Josh (Red Lamb), Roti, and Bhajiya.

To me Aesha was like a diamond.
I loved the way she shined.

When she moved back to India, we spoke on the phone everyday.
We spent the next several years in long distance relationship.-LXRY


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