Uber is truly the app that changed how the world hails a taxi. When In Nairobi I often use Uber especially if I want to avoid parking headaches. Though on my recent visit to New York I was impressed by this shared ride service known as Via grouping multiple passengers into a single shared vehicle.

Via’s rideshare app
New York City

At that time the commuter bus didn’t apply to me at all, ’cause it didn’t take me where I needed to go. I was about to get Uber but a friend suggested I try Via. When the ride arrived it was a spacious, black and comfortable Mercedes-Benz Van.
Unlike other ride-hailing companies, Via has focused on developing, from the ground up, a scalable and on-demand shared ride solution.
The intelligent Via algorithm supports smart public transport, enabling a dynamic mass transit system that reduces traffic volume in urban areas. The fusion of Via’s technology with the engineering of Mercedes-Benz Vans creates the perfect match for efficient, affordable and sustainable ride-sharing.

How it works

Using the ViaVan app, passengers select their pick-up and drop-off location and confirm their ride. ViaVan’s smart algorithm enables multiple riders to seamlessly share a single vehicle.

The technology directs passengers to a nearby corner, a virtual bus stop, for pick up and drop off, allowing for quick and efficient shared trips without lengthy detours that take riders out of their way. This enables ViaVan’s system to transport a high volume of passengers while using a fraction of the number of vehicles utilized by taxis or on-demand car services.

Via’s revolutionary technology is changing the way people get around cities. With Via’s intelligent shared rides, passengers headed in the same direction are matched with a single van, increasing vehicle utilization while relieving the strain on inner-city roads.-LXRY


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