Paul Kagame’s Range Rover Sentinel


You have seen General Paul Kagame drive his guests — the king of Morocco and president of Gabon — in a Range Rover. This particular model is Range Rover Sentinel.

Photo credit @SamBIGIRUMWAMI
The vehicle is built to withstand any extreme attacks of whatever kind.

Range Rover Sentinel is one of the most extraordinary Range Rovers ever produced. It has been expertly engineered by Special Vehicle Operations to provide class leading levels of protection to occupants against extreme attack, whilst retaining the Range Rover’s luxury and refinement with off road capability.

Sentinel contains more than a ton of ballistic steel plate and armored glass inside its body.

It can withstand a pipe bomb exploding from point-blank range and can weather rounds of bullets shot by AK-47s, AR-15s and 9mm pistols. Its 510-horsepower V-8 engine can ford deep water, descend steep mountains and sprint at 120 mph — an admirable feat considering that the Sentinel weighs 10,000 pounds, more than twice the weight of a regular Range Rover.

Range Rover Sentinel- Price US$500,000

Click here to watch the video on this model.

It also has a hatch that allows those inside to escape through the rear luggage compartment, in case the doors should become unusable. Engineered and built by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations team in West Midlands, England, it’s not the first bulletproof vehicle Land Rover has made in-house, but it’s certainly the toughest.

Price US$500,000

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