The party scene in Nairobi gets busier by the day naturally I’m drawn to a nightclub for its various alluring perks. I like to party with close friends, To enjoy a good meal or drink. Some of my favorite liquor are expensive. I recently came across this special edition of super-premium D’ussé Cognac, a brand jointly owned by Jay z and Bacardi.

D’ussé is known for its hearty VSOP and XO Cognac blends.Unlike most Cognacs, which are a blend of eaux-de-vie, this one is not only from a single French oak tierçon, but is from a single eau-de-vie. Appropriately christened the D’ussé 1969 Anniversaire Edition, this 100 percent Grand Champagne Cognac has been aging for decades in the prestigious Château de Cognac cellars in France. The single barrel was discovered by Jay-Z and cellar master Michel Casavecchia

Once it had been discovered, Casavecchia continued to let it mature in the cellars. Because of evaporation during such an extended period of time, there was only enough of the liquid remaining to fill an estimated 150 to 200 diamond-shaped crystal decanters. Priced at $5,000 -LXRY


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