Ksh.72 million heist in Nairobi

Getaway car used in Nairobi West heist found being re-painted

On Thursday September 4, men posing as “police officers” stole 13 bags belonging to Standard Chartered Bank, which had Sh72 million in it. The money was meant for Standard Chartered Bank ATM in Nairobi West.

The money was in transit from G4S headquarters along Witu road to an ATM in Nairobi West belonging to Standard Chartered Bank. 7 G4S officials said the officers escorting them ordered them to surrender the money as soon as they arrived at the ATM by 6am.

“The officers who were escorting the cash turned out to be robbers and demanded all their phones and offloaded the cash to another car make Toyota Noah that emerged and they made away with 13 bags of cash with roughly Sh72 million,” police said on Thursday.

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