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Diamond Platnumz’s + Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna took to her wall to tell off TZ slay queens on her case that no amount of words would stop Diamond Platnumz from wifing her”He still wants and loves me, and he is going to wife me”

Diamond Platnumz’s current lover, Tanasha Donna, has for the last three weeks been dealing with a new family of haters mostly from Tanzania, they are not happy with the fact that the singer decided to dump them for a lover from neighboring Kenya whom he will be marrying off pretty soon days after hooking up.”He still wants and loves me, and he is going to wife me,” Tanasha Donna, told off haters in a clip.

Clad in a two ocean blue swimsuit, the NRG radio personality ranted;“You all can smoke as much as you want about my body, oh she is ugly, oh her are sagging, she doesn’t have nice legs, she doesn’t have a nice waist, oh she has a small aZz, but let me tell you one thing, he still loves me though and still wants me hahaha…”-Ugandaonline

Tanasha Donna

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