Rauh Welt Begriff: Porsche’s Most Polarizing Tuner


RWB964   RWB993&930   RWB993 Rotana 12507417_931919326856218_2165959686694463206_n 10406699_747687278612758_7574769539854270363_n

10358885_768821309832688_3422697132134680937_n RWB993 from Philippine

Akira Nakai got his start in a very different scene. A member of the Rough World drift crew in Japan, Nakai started out modifying and drifting the iconic AE86. It was during this time thathe began to make a name for himself in the tuning world.

 It wasn’t until later in the 1990s that Nakai got his first real exposure to Porsches. This introduction came in the form of a damaged 911 while working in a body shop. Hooked by his encounter with the flat-6-wielding German,Nakai bought his first Porsche – a 930 – at the age of 28. That 930 would go on to become his first and perhaps most famous convert.

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