Waiguru’s Sh150 Million Mansion in Kihingo Village


One and half years after Uhuru took over power, Waiguru moved from her old house in Runda and bought a house worth Ksh 150 million in Kihingo Village, a posh residence associated with the high and mighty of the world comprising of United Nations personnel.

Anne Waiguru is perceived as Uhuru’s favorite CS and the rumor mills allegedly link them romantically. Besides that, Waiguru is spearheading the Kibera Slum Upgrade Initiative with the National Youth Service (NYS), which includes “construction of toilets, showers and gabions as well as cleaning up sewers” according to the NYS website. Jubilee has therefore seen it fit to use this initiative to attack Raila for not improving the livelihoods of his former constituents in Kibera (now Kibra) which is the largest informal settlement in Kenya, when he was Member of Parliament (MP) for Langata Constituency.

Waiguru’s new home looks like a palace and Kenyans will be shocked to see the interior of her mansion.



Journalists were barred from intruding into the home of Waiguru in Kihingo Village Estate, near the International School of Kenya but captured shoots of the imposing entrance to the residence of 55 houses sitting on 45 acres of land in Kitisuru, Nairobi.

It is reported that Waiguru’s house is one of the largest in the estate, with an estimated value of KSh 150 million.


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