Kenya blows up luxury yacht with Sh20 million heroin


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Bomb experts from the KDF detonated explosives in a ship containing heroin valued at Sh20 million, sinking it into the Indian Ocean.

They carried out the exercise on Friday, in Baby Iris, the Sh28 million luxury yacht intercepted in April, following chemists’ confirmation of the narcotics.

The ship is believed to be owned by a Briton.

Five crew members were arrested with the drugs, in the vessel that was moving among Seychelles, Kenya and Tanzania.

Police said the suspects, four Kenyans and a Seychellois, are part of an international drug-trafficking syndicate.

The 42-foot vessel Baby Iris was destroyed by the Kenya Defense forces 20 miles off the coast in a military disposal zone.

It was the latest demonstration that Kenya will destroy any land, sea or air craft carrying drugs.

Last August 28, President Uhuru Kenyatta defied a court order to preserve a drugs-laden cargo ship as evidence and watched as it was blown up off Mombasa up with its cargo of heroin valued at Sh1.3 billion.

Police said the vessel operated between the Seychelles, Tanzania and Kenya as part of a major drug syndicate in the region.

The vessel was sunk in 433 meters of water almost 20 miles offshore in the Explosives Disposal Zone, an area used for military training and disposal. Marine life is not harmed, the military said.

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